"Gina- is fantastic! I did one of her meal prep classes and it was so helpful. Not only did I go home with 3+ healthy meals that I could freeze and use as needed but I was inspired and empowered to take steps to help make providing healthy real food meals for my family easier! I am still using (and have frozen in my freezer) recipes from class and it has been over 3 months since I took the class!"


"Gina is so, so good at what she does. Her wellness services are the product of 1) having a ton of knowledge about food and its effect on the body and 2) being an amazing cook. My favorite part about working with Gina is that she is so flexible and realistic with the solutions she provides - she understands each person's situation is different and will work with you to find food options and lifestyle choices that are easy for you to adopt. She has completely changed the way I think about and prep food, and there's no going back now. I really never thought it could be as easy as she makes it!"


"I have had the pleasure of attending two food prep nights with Gina one a friend hosted the other I hosted. First off, Gina is amazing. She definitely knows what she’s doing in the kitchen and about the foods she is working with. She was a fountain of information about eating better, food preparation, gardening, goats…the list goes on and on.
My first prep night was at a friends and when I walked in everything was set up and ready to go. We made three amazing healthy dishes and had them all packed up and ready to store or cook right away. The recipes and instructions I took home made it a snap to cook the meals.
If you have the ability to host a prep night I highly suggest you do it. Gina worked with me to create a unique custom menu to prepare healthier version of some of my favorite dishes. (The Shepards Pie was de-lice-ous!). I invited 11 friends and Gina didn’t bat an eye. She showed up with three giant totes full of food and dishes. She’s a model of organization with her ability to be seemingly an unlimited amount of food into your house quickly and get it set up for the night. In no time we were set up and ready to prep. It wasn’t long (under two hours) before everyone had three packed meals ready to go.
I am looking forward to attending and hosting my next food prep night."